Edmonton O Society
Providing social and educational opportunities and events for adults interested in erotic BDSM

Open to adults interested in erotic BDSM
Sunday Munches 1:30 pm
 (First Sunday of the month)
Wednesday Munches 7:00 pm (Second Wednesday of the month)

All Munches are presently held at
11715 108 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta

The Dates for munches currently planned are as follows:




January 10*

January 20*

February 7

February 17

March 7

March 17

April 11*

April 21*

May 2

May 12

June 6

June 16

July 11*

July 21*

Aug 8*

Aug 18*

Sept 12*

Sept 22*

Oct 3

Oct 13

Nov 7

Nov 17

Dec 5


(Munches marked* are one week later
due to long weekends during the summer

Interesting Tidbit:
The very first one, called a "Burger munch" because it was held at a burger place, was arranged by STella in Palo Alto, California in 1992. The idea was for people who read alt.sex.bondage (the precursor to soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) to get together in person to meet one another, eat and chat. Now it is shortened to munch, a cross between a meet and lunch. 


Open to members and adults interested in erotic BDSM

Due to the nature of workshops and events
non-members must contact the Activities Director
to confirm attendance at any workshop and venue location.

$10 is normally received from non-members to help
defray venue rental costs for any workshops.

The Dates for Workshops currently planned are as follows:


Last Saturday of the Month

Workshop Topic or Event

January 30

Moving Beyond BDSM Curiousity

February 27

Violet Wands

March 27

2009 AGM Continuation

April 24

Rope Bondage

May 29

Floggers and  Flogging

June 26

Fire Play

July 24 

No Workshop

Aug 28

Pony Play

Sept 25

D/s with Gorean Roots

Oct  16
Oct 29

Lupercalia Kick Off
Hallowe'en Party




No Workshop

EOS Christmas Party - December 12, 2010 
An afternoon of friendship and fun with Sado Claws and the Pain Dears 
Excellent food and the kinkiest gift exhange you have experienced.
Open to members and invited guests.

Lupercalia MMXI - February 18-20, 2011